How to Order

Dear valued shoppers,

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We promise to do everything we can to make your experience here with us a smooth and enjoyable one!
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Purchasing an item
How to order?
Ordering is made easy by taking these few simple steps:

* Browse through the items we've listed. Click on the image to look at the enlarged version.
* Write down the item codes for the items you wish to own and click on our order form.
* Fill up our 
order form and don't forget to click on the 'Submit' button.

Why do I need to fill up the order form?
So we can reserve your item and send you an invoice which will let you know what to do next. Please make sure the following steps are completed:

* fill in your full name, contact no. and proper mailing address (to ensure Mr Postman is able to locate you. Mr Postman will not recognize you by your nickname)
* fill in the item codes of the items you wish to order
* indicate your payment option
* write down any comments, questions or requests in the message box 

I've filled up the order form, now what?
Once you've filled up the form and clicked on the Submit button, you should immediately receive a copy of the form via email. Simultaneously, we will get one as well. Please check your email inbox to see if you've received your copy. If there is nothing in your inbox, make sure you check in your spam folder as well. The form is successfully sent only if you receive a copy via email.
Once you know the form has been successfully sent, wait for our invoice or reply. If the item you ordered is no longer available, you will not receive an invoice from us.

If you're not sure if we received your order, leave a short note in the chatbox on our blogshop ie: order sent, pls check.
 Please leave your email as you do this so we can contact you directly.

Ok I got your invoice..
In the invoice, we will list the items you have ordered. Kindly check the items to ensure they are the ones you ordered.

We will also state the total amount of your order, postage and packaging (P&P) charges, delivery method, total amount to be paid, our bank account details and confirmation of the mailing information you provided in the order form.

Once you confirm everything in the invoice is accurate, please make payment within 3 business days. If in the event you can't arrange payment within the given time-frame, kindly let us know.

I've made payment!
Thank you for your prompt payment :) Now, make sure you email us the payment reference no. and we will mail your item(s) out within 3 business days. Tracking no. for your parcel will be provided once we've mailed your item(s).

Payment Method
What are my payment options?
You can make payment via the following methods:

* bank transfer or cash deposit to our Maybank a/c. - for Malaysian shoppers
* 3rd party account transfer via - for Malaysian shoppers
* Paypal to
* Paypal only - for International shoppers